Week 11

The Dexter saga continues…

This week was Dexter’s first Basic Obedience Class. For those who read last week’s blog you know he completed Growl Class and was doing well enough to be invited to a “normal’ class. He went through basic obedience when he was about 6 months old so he already knows the sit, down, leave-it and walks pretty good on leash. A lot of these skills we’ve let lax over the years so it’s a great time to brush up and have him around a new group of dogs. He did pretty good – only minimal whining and he was able to sniff all of the dogs without trying to bite. We did have to keep him from being an over sniffer and from darting at the dogs some but all in all pretty good. He didn’t participate in after class play time because the instructor wanted to make sure he ended on a good note but hopefully next time he can try it. I do have to say though that he reverts often. He most often get’s really stressed when seeing any other dog. Once this week he even nipped at Bailey because he was so stress out about seeing another dog but she was the only one in reach. 😦 Bailey just ignores him though. We tried some “calming” chews full of herbs magic goodies but they had the effect of, well, nothing.

Visitor from the East (Eastern Washington that is)

We were overjoyed this week to get to have dinner with one of our best friends, Chris while he was in town! We hit up Jai Thai in Freemont and had a delicious dinner. Then we went over to get some gelato which was amazing. It was so great to visit and be able to see him in person!


We attended our first game of the season – Seahawks hosting the Chargers at Century Link Field! Granted it’s still pre-season but a live game is always fun. Thank you Nate and Deb for sharing your tickets with us! The weather was great and we were impressed by the view of the field in the Hawks Nest. This was the first time we’ve sat there and would definitely buy tickets there in the future. We rode the bus in from Issaquah and packed in some food but did end up spending probably $20 on a pretzel, one soda and one beer. It’s like buying food at a movie theater. 🙂

Tattoo Expo

We decided to try out the Seattle Tattoo Expo – being a tattoo lover I’ve always wanted to attend one but never have. So it was pretty cool but not worth $25 a piece to get in. We walked around and looked a lot of artist portfolios and watched people getting tattoos done on site. We also watched some of the people showing off their tattoos for competitions. I took some cards of artists I liked for future work but no tattoos in my near future, they’re too expensive! As any tattoo lover does though, I’ve got like three planned in my head already.

Tillicum Village

We were fortunate enough to receive tickets on the Argosy cruise to Tillicum Village on Blake Island, the (rumored) birth place of Chief Seattle. Thank you Amber for hooking us up! Being from an Indian Reservation and having gone to pow-wows before we were concerned that this would be a “plastic” version of culture with non-Natives dressed up in bad costumes but we were actually pleasantly surprised. Tillicum Village is a representation of multiple Northwest Coast Indian tribes. It was great to see that a very high percentage of the employees are Native American and were really taking pride in sharing their culture. Each person performs multiple duties both on the boat and on the island including greeting, dancing, serving and story telling. Tillicum village has been granted permission by various different families to use their family dances and stories during the presentation along with costume and even wooden masks. They also had an artist on site who had taught herself the traditional cedar weaving style of the Haida. While at the village you are served a meal consisting of some traditional foods presented in a more modern style. Foods included clams, salad, fruit, mushrooms, salmon, stew including venison, and blackberry crumble. We left stuffed! Something interesting to note too is that Blake Island is a State Park and Tillicum Village is allowed to operate on it. You can take your own boat or buy a ticket on the Argosy boat to get on the island and camp there. There are trails all over the island for exploring and it looks like it would be an awesome place for a summer camping trip! We had a great time and are very thankful to be given tickets!

Also, in not super exciting news we have been fighting the war on rust and finished painting all the parts of our towing setup. Only to find that all the rock chips on our jeep bumper have rusted and some of the finish is coming off – we will tackle that later. We also saw the coolest home made RV ever – check out the pictures. Until next time…


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