Week 17

Mixed news on Dexter this week. He’s still doing great at the dog park but when he’s on a leash he’s still a major tool! If we’re at a park on leash and there are other dogs he starts right in with his leash pulling and whining that turns into wailing and generally having a melt down. He gets himself so worked up that if we don’t get him calmed down he will escalate to wanting to lash out with aggression. I’m starting to think that he really wants to run up to sniff the other dogs but can’t get what he wants and is throwing the equivalent of a toddler fit – but if he gets too worked up he gets out of control. What we’re trying now is to take him to the dog park but we don’t let him off leash until he calms down – to teach him to behave on the leash to get the reward of being to play off leash.

Jeep Break-In
So last week, we went to Greenlake to exercise the dogs. While Dexter was busy throwing a fit and falling in it Bailey was chilling and eating treats and some idiot was breaking in to our jeep. It was an awesome day.   😦 I let myself get distracted by getting the dogs out of the jeep and stupidly left my cell phone sitting where it could be seen through the window. So, no more GS4 for me, no side window plus they managed to dent the door and damage the inside of the windshield during the process. Not only is this person an asshole but he/she is also horrible at breaking windows in cars. A little plastic and gorilla tape, 30 minutes on hold with SPD and a call to the insurance later we were on our way to getting it fixed. Turns out it’s going to cost about $1,600! Now, we take our chances and keep a high deductible on our insurance so we get to pay $1,000 of that, plus a rental car and a “new” phone. So now I’ve got a used LG G2 which I like except it doesn’t have an SD card slot. We also have a shiny silver rental car in the parking lot while we wait for the jeep to get fixed.

The Library?!
Both Megann and I read off and on but since we’ve been RV’ing we’ve been doing it a lot more. We always look for used books and we sell them back after we’re done but it’s only at a fraction of the cost. Megann was sitting thinking one day about how it would be cool if there was a place that you could just borrow a book, read it, then give it back at no cost…..and then realized, the library! Of course! The coolest thing is that they not only have books but also downloadable e-books and audiobooks! Since we have a lease agreement with our RV park we were able to prove residence and get both King County and Seattle Public library “cards” and they have a lot of downloadable materials. Since we can get everything on-line we can continue to use the library no matter where we live in the future! Woo-hoo! Megann has a Nook but I would have to use a laptop or my phone. We calculated it out and if I read just 10 – 15 books we would recoup the cost of a tablet so I now have a new Dell Venue 7”. With the Overdrive app I can use it like an e-reader and download stuff from the library. I’ve already read one of my 15 books!

Happy Birthday Ryder
This weekend we went to Megann’s nephew’s birthday party up in Shoreline. We had a nice visit with her brother, his fiance, the nephews and other family. They served up some delicious food and Ryder enjoyed opening up his presents, mostly Lego of course. I think that’s the norm for most boys of his age. It was great to get to see family!

We went to the Pour House in North Bend again to watch the Seahawks game on Sunday. What a game that was! It was fun as usual to watch the game at a local place full of Hawks fans and good food.

That’s all we have to report this week and now were on the countdown to our Portland move. Just a week until we uproot and make the drive down! We’re both looking forward to having new territory to explore. I don’t have any pictures to share this week but I’ll try to be better about taking some next week.


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