Week 18

Our last week before moving to Portland we managed to fit in a few last fun things in Seattle!

Alice’s Anthem

We went to see a local production called Alice’s Anthem at the Hugo House, a take on Alice in Wonderland. In this version Alice is a mentally ill young woman with an alcoholic mother, the Queen. She tries to escape and avoid the mental ward but runs in to a strange character in the park and ends up taking a multitude of street drugs to find her way, creating a crazy night of cats, rabbits, talking flowers and confusion. It was “trippy” to say the least and the cast was awesome, especially Alice and her mother. They even had gift bags of props so that the audience could play along with balloons, bubbles, kazoos and cards. It was a completely unique experience.

EMP Museum

We put off going to the EMP (AKA the Jimmie Hendrix Museum) because of the cost of entry. But, I discovered that the library is good for more than just books! They have free tickets to different museums that you can reserve and we lucked out and got a set of tickets! Yes, there is a great exhibit dedicated to Jimmy Hendrix but the museum has so much more to offer and the exhibits are changing all the time. The biggest hits for us were Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses, Icons of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magic. We are children of the Grunge music era so the Nirvana exhibit was really cool to see. They had an amazing amount of clothing, guitars, set lists, early hand drawn gig posters and even their original contract. The science fiction and fantasy exhibits were full of props from famous movies and television series like Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien, The Shining, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Who and The Princess Bride to name a few. Check out the pictures – we saw some pretty cool stuff!

National Alpaca Farm Days

We went to National Alpaca Farm Days where alpaca farms open to the public and invite people to learn about alpacas. We visited Liberty Alpacas in Maple Valley. I’ve been a little obsessed with Llamas the last few years because I’m interested in using them for backpacking. Since alpacas are their little cousins we decided to go check them out and they are so adorable! They had a ton of babies (crias) with their mothers and they’re so cute and fluffy. We even got to pet some. Alpacas are used for their fiber ( like wool) instead of packing so we learned a lot about their grading of the fiber and the colors.

Got our Jeep Back!

Yes, we got our jeep back from the shop in tip-top shape just in time to go to Portland. Literally, we got it back the day before.

The last couple of days in North Bend was spent prepping for our drive down. Packing everything up, washing the roof off (lots of pine needles), washing the RV, checking fluids, tire pressures, all sorts of things. We have a “pre-flight” checklist so that we don’t forget anything and it worked out really well.


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