Week 23

She did it!

Well folks, this week Megann mustered up the courage to resign from her job! Let the poverty and adventure begin! We’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money preparing for this moment – the launching of our new life as full-time Rvers. A life we hope will be rich in experiences rather than money and possessions. It is a very scary thing to do even though we’ve been carefully planning it for years. To give you an idea how scary it is – here’s a link to Megann’s blog on the subject: https://vagabondreams.com/2014/11/02/why-i-threw-up-in-the-camping-world-bathroom/

Look Out Winters California, Here we Come!

Our next destination is Winters California where we will be the maintenance person for an RV Park near Lake Berryessa. In trade for 24 hours of maintenance work we get a full hook-up site. Then, we will be paid for an additional 16 hours maintenance work. We don’t know a lot of details yet on the duties involved. It will probably be some basic cleaning and yard maintenance plus minor repairs of plumbing and electrical fixtures, painting, etc. Luckily our years of figuring out how to fix things on our own have come in handy to put on our camp hosting resume. Thanks Dad for teaching me that girls can fix things too and to not be afraid to try! This location is great because it’s only about 25 minutes from Megann’s family in Vacaville. We’re looking forward to spending time with them!

Birding Class

Okay, I’ve always thought that bird watching was something for old people to do – well we’re officially old I guess! We’ve been taking interest in identifying the various birds we see around our RV – one that was especially interesting when we were in North Bend was the Stellar’s Jay. When we visited the Audubon bird sanctuary a couple of weeks ago we picked up a flyer and noticed they had a basic birding class so we signed up. We attended the class this past week and got some great information on identification, what to look for in a book and binoculars.

Pok Pok

In celebration of Megann quitting her job we decided to go out and spend too much money on dinner. No that does not make sense but, hey, lots of what we do doesn’t make sense to most people. Pok Pok is a very popular Thai restaurant multiple locations specializing in different areas of the main menu. The location we went to is their main one with outdoor tent seating. The menu is unlike any other Thai place I’ve ever been. I think it is more traditional. I thought it was a lot of fun to try different dishes than I’ve ever tried before. We liked them all but Megann thinks she prefers the more americanized version of Thai food – there’s something very “comfort foody” about a big pile of Phad Thai.

Disc Golf

In our quest for free and cheap things to do we’ve decided to take up disc golf. I previously called it frisbee golf not realizing that it’s not played with a traditional frisbee. The minimum cost of a disc at the store we went to was $7 and you need more than one. Serious people have 5 or more, similar to traditional golf, where you have drivers, mid-ranges and putters. They come in different weights, rim widths and a wide variety of designs. We were totally overwhelmed but the store owner (a long time pro) helped us. We ended up with 2 each: a driver that can also be used as a mid-range and a putter. We played our first game at a nearby 9-hole course and we suck but we had a lot of fun! We also got to watch people who knew what they were doing show up with their bag full of discs and fling it down the fairway in one throw where it was taking us like 3 throws. Hopefully we will get better!

Coming up

We’re looking forward to our move to California – we can’t handle this rain!! On our drive down we plan to go to the Grand Ronde reservation so Meg can get an ID and make a “donation” at their Spirit Mountain Casino. We’re also looking forward to a visit from my sister and nephew this weekend, and maybe my Dad too!


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