Product Reviews

We have listed a few products here that we use and love. If you would like to pick one of these things up just click on the picture and it will take you over to Amazon.


    ETL 26781 White Body Spa Oxygenics Shower with 60″ Hose

– We love this shower head. It turns our drippy shower pressure into something you can actually use to take a shower! It has a button on the handle so you can save water when lathering up. Although you should note that there is still a little water that comes out so the hot water doesn’t build up.


Pizzacraft 15″ Square Cordierite Baking/Pizza Stone – For Oven or Grill – PC0100

– An RV must have. It helps to distribute the heat and prevent burning. You don’t have to get a square one, just make sure it fits your oven. We actually got ours from goodwill for about $5.


S.Solutions 814 Add-A-Drawer Kit

– We currently have three of these in the RV and are thinking about adding one more. They are very easy to install. We use two under the kitchen table as junk drawers. Having one, or two, of those is just something I couldn’t live without.


Mount-It! LCD Tilt Swivel Ceiling and Under Cabinet Mount (13 inch – 27 inch)

– When we removed the old tube TV in the bedroom area we realized we could recover a ton of storage space, which is always at a premium, if we didn’t put the new flat screen in the same cabinet, but rather mounted under where the old one used to be. We then built a new shelf for the “tv cabinet” and now use it to store hat, gloves and such.


Volcano 3 Collapsible Cook Stove

– Carrie loves her Volcano. She uses it to do Dutch Oven cooking when you don’t have a firepit or a place to set your briquettes. You can use propane, wood or briquettes as fuel. It’s great because the ground under the volcano doesn’t get hot at all.




SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Handheld UV Water Purifier

– We have used this on multiple occasions to sterilize water while backpacking and while traveling to other countries. It is much faster and easier than other sterilization options, but does require that the water is fairly transparent. We have used a bandanna to pre-filter the water so we can use the steripen.


Snow Peak Hybrid Summit Cookset
– This lightweight cookset has everything we need for back country cooking. We can fit a small fuel container and our stove inside the cup!